Monday, March 28, 2016

SYF matters

Dear Parents / Guardians,

our SYF competition will take place on 19 April, Tuesday.

Before the competition, there are  events which choir members participating in SYF have to attend:

1 April, Friday: Exchange session at TPJC  3 - 5pm
8 April, Friday: Rehearsal @ SOTA. 11am - 1pm

Pupils who are participating in the SYF will attend BOTH Mon & Tue choir sessions.

 Pupils who are not participating will only attend Tue session.

For parents who are interested to watch the SYF competition at SOTA (this includes parents whose child is not participating), please contact Mr Kee @ 94519854 by SMS.
Please state your child’s name and class in your SMS and each child is limited to 1 ticket only.

(If there are siblings performing together, parents are limited to 1 ticket only).
Tickets are given at first-come-first serve basis. Transport will not be provided for parents.

As we believe that there will be many parents who would be interested to support your child at the competition venue, we seek your understanding on the limitation of the tickets.

Thank you for supporting your child as well to giving support to our Choir.