Friday, April 22, 2016

SYF 2016 results!

              'Certificate of Distinction!

Congratulation to all Choir SYF pupils, parents and all teachers!

Our pupils participated in SYF 2016 on 19 April, Tues. Prior to this competition, they have put in a lot of  effort during their choir practices and have stayed long hours in school just to hone their singing skills. During the competition, they put in their best and  have impressed Mrs Pek as well as the audiences and the SYF judges.

On behalf of all Choir teachers, I'm proud to inform all parents and pupils that we have achieved 'Distinction'  in this competition!

A very big thank you to all parents who have been very supportive of us as well as to your child during this tough period.

A very big thank you to all parent volunteers who have helped us out on that day to get the pupils ready for the competition. It is with your help that we were able to get the pupils ready on time before they set off to the competition venue.

Last and not least, a big thank you to our instructors, Miss Angela Lee and Miss Jean Teo for their efforts and patience in guiding the pupils to attain perfection in their singing.

Below are pictures taken on the day of competition. Enjoy!

Getting ready for the competition

Arrival at SOTA: Waiting for entry

After our competition

Friday, April 15, 2016

Choir at TPJC

Our pupils had their 'Exchange Session' at TPJC. Besides our pupils, we have pupils from 2 other primary schools with us.

Our pupils learnt a lot from one another and have worked harder to hone their singing skills to compete in SYF.