Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We are a GOLD Choir!

Congratulations, Choir! We have achieved the Gold Award in the Singapore Youth Festival Choir Central Judging 2012. Our hard work has indeed paid off! Great performance, Choir!
Thank you pupils for your perservance and diligence. You have also displayed wonderful team spirit and comradeship. Keep up the good work!
Special thanks to Mr Chia, Mr Bhim, school management, teachers and parents for your support in all our Choir activities and practices.
Credits go to our Choral Coach, Ms Angela Lee and Pianist Ms Teo for your excellent trainings and encouragement.
Special mention goes to Dr Goh and Mr Neo for your special recipes to beautiful voices.
We are truly grateful for all your help.
Let's continue to work for an incredibly angelic Endeavour Choir - the Singing Angels!

Warmest regards
Mrs Tong
Mrs Choh
Mdm Tan
Miss Chew