Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Plans for Choir in Terms 3 & 4

Welcome back to school in Term 3.
It was heartening to see everyone back at our first Choir Practice in Term 3.

The P6 pupils and teachers have stand-down from CCA to prepare for PSLE. We wish them all the best.

We are pleased to welcome Miss Eunice Yeo as one of our choir teacher-in-charge.

We are preparing for the following events:
1) National Day School Celebration Concert
2) School Year-end Concert (last day of school)
3) SYF 2014 (There will be several practices during December School Holidays.)

4) Choir Public Concert in Nov @ The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC)
- Intensive preparation will be held immediately after SA2.
- 25 Nov (Mon): on-site rehearsal 1
- 26 Nov (Tue): on-site rehearsal 2 + Concert (in the evening)

This is a ticketed concert. We are looking for parents to sponsor concert program design, printing of concert programs or printing of tickets. Kindly contact Mrs Tong if you have the relevant contacts. Thank you.

We look forward to our amazing Singing Angels performing for the first time in our very first EDP Choir Concert!
Thank you in advance for the continual support from our wonderful parents!

Mrs Tong

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