Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Information on Choir Performance and Visit to SWAMI Home for the Aged on 22 May 2015

Dear Parents, 

Consent form with information has been distributed during Choir practice today (19 May)
This is an important and essential practice proir to actual performance this Friday. 
P3 pupils who have been involved in SwimSafer in Term 2 will not be encouraged to take part as they have not been practising any of the following songs: 
1) Ping Ping Piang Piang... (P4-6 members only)
2) Trishaw (P2-6)
3) Firefly (P2-6)

(Copy of Information Letter)
Values in Action (VIA) Activity: Performance at SWAMI Home


Dear Parents / Guardian                                                                               
We are pleased to inform you that the above performing groups will be reaching out to our community and putting up a performance for the elderly residents at SWAMI Nursing Home (For the Aged).

This is a community outreach programme that allows pupils to show empathy, respect and concern towards others, contribute to the community and learn to put others before self. Through the interactions with the elderly, we hope to bridge the intergenerational gap between the young and the old, and to improve perceptions and attitudes towards ageing and seniors. At the same time, it is also a platform for the pupils to showcase their performing talents to the elderly residents at the home.

More details on the visit:
·      The session will be on 22nd May 2015, Friday, 1.45pm – 4 pm. (Term 2 Week 9, post-SA1)
·      After lunch break, pupils will set off from school to SWAMI Home (Sembawang) at 1.45pm.
·      Pupils will be dismissed from school at 4 pm.
·      Pupils are required to bring their own water bottles.

Special instructions for Choir:
1)        Pupils to wear Choir yellow T-shirt for the whole day.
(You may bring PE attire to change if you have PE lesson that day)
2)        Pupils to wear school pants (boys) and school skirts (girls).
3)        Pupils to wear black school shoes and black socks.

Please make the appropriate lunch and transport arrangements for your child/ward.  
Kindly complete the Reply Slip attached and return it to the teachers-in-charge by 20 May (Wednesday). 
Thank you.

Warmest regards

Mrs Tong 98530368                

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