Monday, July 27, 2015

Latest update on 28 July for Sing50, 6th of Aug

Dear Pupils,

Please take note of the following updates:

Reporting time: 3.30p.m.

Venue: EDP Canteen

- Attire: 
Black T-shirt/ shirt/ blouse if you do not have black, do not buy! Wear dark-coloured like dark blue.
Jeans/ Track pants or any long pants. No skirts allowed and wear black covered shoes (no slippers and flip-flops for safety reasons).

- Bring black file along with song sheets and lyrics, water bottle, poncho (raincoat).

It is a mass Choir. Do not bring valuables (such as handphones/ a lot of cash) as bags will be kept away. School will not be held responsible for any loss of items.

Dinner will be provided. All the food provided is Halal certified. 

For students with special food/ ingredient allergies, please allow your child/ ward to bring along their own food although the organisers will still provide them with the dinners.

Sing50 Tees will be given on the 6th August itself.

*Pupils will be dismissed from the National Stadium before 10p.m. Thus, pupils should be reaching back school at around 11p.m.

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