Sunday, July 12, 2015

10 Songs Re-Uploaded for Sing50 Performance

Dear Parents/Guardian, boys and girls,

As mentioned during Choir practice today, 21/7, I will be re-uploading all the 10 songs for the Sing50 Performance.

Please ignore the previous versions of the 10 songs as there is a technical problem in the songs.

For the Finale, the version that is uploaded has only the melody. Please listen to it and familiarize yourself with the melody first.

**Important Note:
Please focus on the Girl's Voice part only. 

Our 1st rehearsal will be this Sat, 25/7 at Tanglin Trust School. (Please refer to letter given out today,21/7)

We were just informed by the Sing50 organiser that there is no need for pupils to memorise all the 10 songs.
They are allowed to bring their music songsheets along with them during the performance.

As a standardisation for all the participating schools ( about 1000 pupils' choir), the pupils will need to use a black pocket file to store their songsheets, 1 pocket for 1 page for easy flipping.

Pupils will be required to have their black file ready on the actual day of the performance, 7 Aug, Friday.

Below are the 10 songs for the Sing50 Performance.

1. Happy Birthday Medley

2. Singapore Cowboy

3. Within You'll Remain

4. Glasshouse

5. Beserah

6. Cheng Li

7. Return

8. Singai Nadu

9. Ru Yan

10. Tanya Medley (or My Colour TV Set)

11. Finale

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