Thursday, November 28, 2013

Endeavour Sings! 2013

Dear Choir Parents and Singing Angels!
Congratulations to our splendid and spectacular inaugural concert,  Endeavour Sings! 2013 held on 26 Nov.

It was indeed a memorable night of beautiful singing and heart wrenching moments!
All our hard work has indeed paid off!
Remember how we had worked together as a team, enduring difficulties and now celebrating the sweet success and jubilation together!
Transfer all these energy and enthusiasm to your studies and all that you do, and you will see great results.

To see concert photographs:
(link to our school website; photo gallery)

We have hired a professional videographer to capture the whole concert in action.
Once the video is ready, we will inform the parents.

Thank you very much to the following parents who had helped us in one way or another:
Design of concert poster and programme:
Ms Janny (mummy of Angelina)

Parent Volunteers who helped out on the day of the concert:
* Si En and Hai Feng's mummy
* Qi Ting's mummy
* Khairina's mummy
* Mei Yu's mummy
* Yu Min and Yu Xi's mummy
* Allycia's mummy
* K-Ian's mummy
* Eunice's mummy
* Alicia's mummy
* Li Ya and Li Ting's mummy
* Christina's mummy
* Siti's mummy
* Gabriel's mummy
(My apologies if I have carelessly missed out any names)
Thank you for all your wonderful help! 

Here is a collection of comments from the audience after the concert:
^ The performance was exciting and heart-warming. I enjoyed the variety, especially the song in which they used handsigns. It was so wonderful to see the little ones having matured so much.
^ Great job! The Choir group was sensational!
^ I enjoyed the performance. It was a great performance. Well done for the team.
^ Really appreciate all the coaching from the choir team of teachers. It was a wonderful performance. Thanks for all the hard work! Good job!
^ The concert was the most enjoyable experience for all of us.
^ I enjoyed the concert very much. The choir and the teachers have done a great job! Thank you.
^ It was indeed a marvelous performance!
^ The choir pupils were awesome! Glad I came.
^ Awesome performance by the choir group!
^ Thanks for the wonderful concert!
^ Well done for the awesome concert!
^ My friends and I enjoyed the performance! The kids were great!
^ Really glad that the students can experience having a whole concert to themselves! Great support from the school and teachers.
^ I know the show is awesome!
^ Very good! Excellent! Wonderful!
^ Si En's solo made me cry!
^ Great show! Very good performance! The children are our pride and joy!
^ The response (from the audience) was great!
^ The performance was lovely! We enjoyed it very much.
^ A very good turn out (of the audience).
^ I enjoyed myself! Great job!
^ Good job! Congratulations!
^ The choir put up a great performance! All your hard work had paid off!
^ The show was awesome!
^ I enjoyed the show last night! It was a great one!
^ Great concert! Congrats!
^ The performance was awesome!
^ Nice performance by the choir!