Friday, November 22, 2013

Information Sheet for 25 Nov and 26 Nov: Rehearsals and Concert Day

Information Sheet for Choir Concert
Rehearsals and Concert @ TRCC
Dear Parents / Guardian,                                                                                                   22 Nov 2013

Please be reminded that we are going to have rehearsals at The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC) on 25 Nov and 26 Nov (Monday and Tuesday). The actual concert day is 26 Nov evening.

The following are some important information for the 2 days:

25 Nov (Mon)
26 Nov (Tue)
Meeting Place
School: Parade Square 

School: Parade Square 
Bus is provided to send pupils to TRCC

Reporting Time
1 pm

1 pm
Have own lunch before gathering

5.30 pm in school
Around 9.15 pm in school if parents are not at the concert

Bus is provided to send pupils back to school

Around 9 pm from TRCC if parents are at the concert

School Tee-shirt
or school uniform;
School shoes and socks
Choir yellow tee-shirt; choir shoes; can wear choir socks / stockings or can bring to change, boys may wish to wear choir pants.

Girls with long hair: 2 ponytails + silver ribbons (will be given on 25 Nov)
1.    Small bag
2.    Water bottle
3.    Jacket / sweater
4.    Storybook (during waiting)
5.   Choir File

Snacks (optional)
Same as 25 Nov including
6.    Choir uniform (ironed and hung up in garment bag with name and class)
7.    Plastic bag (with name and class) for worn clothing

Boy’s uniform:
·         Shirt
·         Pants
·         Vest

Food provided
1.    Bottled water
2.    Snacks for teabreak
1.    Bottled water
2.    Snacks for teabreak Packed dinner (halal and vegetarian packs)

Packed dinner is provided for parent volunteers

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