Friday, November 22, 2013

Information for Parent Volunteers on 26 Nov 2013 (Tue)

Here is the information for Parent Volunteers:
Endeavour Sings! 2013: 26 Nov (Tue)
Reporting time: 4.00 pm @ The Republic Cultural Centre Studio (level 2)

Liquid foundation + powder + blusher + lip gloss (girls) / blusher only (boys)

2 ponytails + ribbons for girls with long hair / comb neatly with gel (boys and girls)

All make-up and hair gel will be provided by the school.

Dinner will be provided for all Parent Volunteers on 26 Nov 2013.

Thank you very much.
Yours sincerely,

Mrs Tong

Thank you the following parents who are available to help out on 26 Nov (Tuesday):
Endeavour Sings! 26 Nov Tue
Si En 2B
Qi Ting 4B
Khairina 3C
Mei Yu 2B
Yu Min 5A
Allycia 2E
K-Ian 2G
Eunice Leow 4A
Alicia 5B
Li Ya 5C
Christina 5H
Siti 6B
Gabriel 4C

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